We are known by the companies we keep since 1963


We place the utmost importance on maintaining the highest level of cleanliness, because we understand just how crucial it is for both health and safety. Our certified technicians go above and beyond industry standards by utilizing both modern technology and proven practices to guarantee that no area is left untouched. Whether it’s a hospital or hazardous site, you can rest assured knowing each cleaner is trained to handle any situation that may arise. We compare each job to its own unique set of requirements so you can trust us when we say your job is in good hands.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people have become aware of the damaging effects that harsh chemicals can have on the environment. Our experienced technicians recognize this and are determined to take an eco-friendly approach when it comes to cleaning services. To ensure they stay up to date with the latest techniques and products, they all receive comprehensive training from CMI (Cleaning Management Institute). This way we can provide our customers with high-quality green cleaning services without worrying about adverse environmental impacts. By offering green cleaning, we are doing our part in keeping our community safe and healthy for generations to come.

Family Owned and Operated

T & M Services has been a family-owned and operated business since 1963. We are a professional cleaning service that takes pride in our work and making sure our customers are happy. We value customer satisfaction and provide quality services at a fair price.

T & M Services has made a commitment to go above and beyond the norm when it comes to keeping environments sanitized and green. With over 50 years of commercial cleaning expertise, T & M Services consistently looking for better and more beneficial ways to clean that are less toxic to the environment. In an effort to not only provide customers with effective janitorial services but also promote a greater Corporate Social Responsibility from individuals and businesses, T & M Services offers a whole business approach focused on green cleaning. This includes utilizing ecologically responsible equipment and processes that can achieve an improved indoor air quality without harming the planet or people in any way. They offer an array of strategies which involve using eco-friendly products, practices and procedures that aim towards sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

Our Team

Our team at T & M Services is diverse, experienced and incredibly supportive. They value personal excellence, champion each other’s success and come from different backgrounds with varied perspectives. Together they create an environment of continuous learning while completing challenging projects and building strong collaborations across our organization. In addition to the individual growth opportunities we provide, our team enjoys participating in social events that emphasize camaraderie, spreading a sense of well-being and creating stronger bonds between staff members. We believe that our team truly sets us apart in the industry.